The Tech

The tech for the 2020-2021 card is different than it was in the 2019-2020 season.

A brief highlight of those differences:

  • Next instead of Gatsby

    Gatsby is fine. But using its configuration files feels like working with WordPress back in the day. There's only so much of that someone can stand. Beyond that, these cards are a good opportunity to try something new. Next is new enough for me. I know about it, but I have not had good experienced time with it. The filesystem based routing drives me up the wall. Fash refresh is a great feature.

  • Vercel instead of VPS

    Having used Next here for this season's card, Vercel seemed like a good option. Setting the DNS to land on a subdomain was not hard. Getting a deployment out was a few CLI steps. That said, I always get unnerved when relying on infrastructure that is outside of my control. The VPS, while today, annoying to setup and maintain, I control the whole thing. I have no worries about bandwidth, storage or API quotas. I have to keep all of that in mind with Vercel. I have to hope that whatever I do here is small enough that nobody notices and does not yank it or my account offline. Well, that sounds like a winning and ringing endorsement of the service, right?

  • TailwindCSS instead of Styled Components

    Last season, I used the card to practice with styled components and making an entire suite of components for my main site and the card site. That was a practical idea and implementation. Whenever I go back and look at the styled components I made though, I think, "wow, there sure are a lot of flexes in here." It feels like reuse since those components exist now, but it is also poor quality reuse. Things have names that do not need them. Things have duplicated portions since there was no element agnostic carrier.

    TailwindCSS, on the other hand, solves many of those gripes. But it also brings others with it. Instead of having a useful of components to package up and deliver to any new project, TailwindCSS still has no good answer. But the productivity and the lightness balance this out with the problems. I have said it before and will repeat it here: TailwindCSS is not the final form.